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Издательство Iskra Research было основано в 1993 г. с целью раскрыть перед русскоязычным читателем скрытые сталинизмом страницы истории. Мы намерены печатать исторические, социологические и политические работы марксистов-противников сталинизма, проливающие свет на трагичную судьбу первого пролетарского государства, его истоки, подъем, перерождение и крах. Эта работа требует самого скрупулезного и научного подхода к историческим материалам, кропотливой работы в архивах, проверки первоисточников и пр. Но плодами ее будут публикации достоверных документов, раскрывающие перед читателем сущность Русской революции, ее движущих сил и ее места в истории ХХ-го века. The Iskra Research publishing house was established in 1993 with a goal to reveal to the Russian reader those pages of history which have been for so long hidden by Stalinism. We intend to publish historical, social, political and cultural works of the Marxist enemies of Stalinism, which shed light on the tragic fate of the first workers' state, its roots, rise, degeneration and collapse. This work requires the most scrupulous and scientific approach to historical materials, painstaking work in the archives, analysis of primary sources, etc. But its results will appear in the publication of authentic documents, revealing the essence of the Russian Revolution, its moving forces, its place in the history of the twentieth century.


Three works of Leon Trotsky and a collection of writings of Adolf Joffe in the original Russian have been published in inexpensive paperbacks.

Politics of Iskra Research We stand in political support of the International Committee of the Fourth International and its American representative, the Socialist Equality Party. The politics of ICFI are laid out on the World Socialist Web Site

Iskra Research is very proud to have published in 1994—1998 the on-line version of the quarterly journal of the Cheliabinsk (Russia) Bureau of the ICFI (in Russian). Some of our better articles are published in "Social Equality", the Russian language journal of the ICFI.

The Soviet Union and Stalinism

1987 — General Petro Grigorenko: an obituary  
Sept. 1989 — History of the three Baltic states  
April 1990 — Soviet trade unions face collapse  
February — March 1992 — Collapse of the USSR  
17 Mar 1992 — Restoration of capitalism in the former USSR  
January 1994 — MIT think tank on post-Soviet development  
July 5, 1994 — Stalin against the USSR  
July 27, 1994 — Marxism and the "Russian question"  
August 1994 — Restoration of capitalism, two years later  
Jan. 8, 1995 — Russia's war in Chechnia  
Feb 19, 1995 — A tale of two cities: New York and Moscow  
July 6, 1995 — New film about Stalinism: Burnt By the Sun  
August 22, 1995 — Famine stalks the former USSR  
Sept. 28, 1995 — 3 recent Russian films  
Dec. 6, 1995 — Volkogonov's obituary  
Volkogonov: From Stalinism to anticommunism Волкогонов: от сталинизма к антикоммунизму
September 1996 — Russian cinema in 1996 Российское кино — Монреаль, 1996
Oct. 31, 1996 — Russian museums face a catastrophe  
Jan. 7, 1997 — American historians discuss the opposition to Stalin in the USSR
May 1, 1997 — American-Russian newspaper attacks Trotsky
May 12, 1997 — The human cost of Russian capitalism
November 10, 1997 — The Comissar Vanishes; a book review

"Исчезающий комиссар"

Лондонский музей Русской революции

May 27 , 1998 — Russian capitalism on the ropes
August 27, 1998 — What is happening in Russia?
December 13, 1998 — Trotsky's publications in Russia? Фельштинский против Троцкого
  Отношения между Лениным и Троцким
Roy Medvedev — Capitalism in Russia? — A book review, October 1999
Roy Medvedev — a Stalinist semi-liar, November 1999
Stephen Cohen — Failed Crusade — A book review, June 2001
Ukraine rehabilitates Symon Petlyura, June, 2006 Украинское правительство Ющенко реабилитирует Симона Петлюру
  Ю. Фельштинский и его редакция «Преступлений Сталина».
Book review: a new Russian language 4-volume biography of Leon Trotsky by Y. Felshtinsky and G. Cherniavsky. Volume 1, September of 2013.

Рецензия о новой четырехтомной биографии Троцкого, написанной Ю. Фельштинским и Г. Чернявским. Том 1, сентябрь 2013 г.

Рецензия на том 2, июль 2014 г.

Book review: "Snow In May", a book of short stories by a young Russian-American writer, Kseniya Melnik. Книга рассказов на английском языке молодого русско-американского писателя из Магадана, Ксении Мельник.
  Рецензия: Олег Хлевнюк — «Хозяин. Сталин и утверждение сталинской диктатуры».
  Рецензия: Александр Ватлин, «Коминтерн: идеи, решения, судьбы».
  Январь 2017 г. Рецензия на томы 3 и 4 биографии о Троцком, написанной Ю. Фельштинским и Г. Чернявским.
  Ноябрь 2017 г. Рецензия на два фильма, посвященных столетию Русской революции.
  Август 2018 г. Заметка о сборнике «Политбюро и Лев Троцкий».
  Март 2020 г. Борьба за наследие Ленина.

22 июня 2023 г. Лев Троцкий и судьба России.


Capitalism today

June 22, 1994 — Bourgeois media and OJ Simpson  
July 14, 1994 — Capitalism and the welfare state  
Feb 16, 1995 — Big Brother and the bourgeois media  
Feb. 26, 1995 — World unemployment  
June 6, 1997 — French Stalinist come to the rescue of capitalism  
July 29, 1997 — Swiss banks distribute the Nazi blood money  
Jan. 23, 1998 — "In Greenspan We Trust", a comment on the American economy  
June 15, 1998 — American "miracle economy" — a giant Ponzi pyramid  
24 июня 2000 г. — Избушка на курьих ножках  

Variations of Stalinism

May 1994 — China and Maoism  
Summer 1994 — South Africa, the ANC and Stalinism  

Trotskyism, real and fake

Biography of Leon Trotsky  
Sep. 1994 — History of the Fourth International Наследие марксизма
Oct. 27, 1994 — The Spartacist League vs. Trotskyism  
Jan. 27, 1995 — Marxism versus censorship  
July 23, 1995 — Ernest Mandel versus Trotskyism